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5 Different Types of Wedding Videos

Just like the florist shows you five different kinds of roses and the caterer asks you to choose between endless macaroon flavors, the decision making continues with your wedding video. 


Never in your whole life will you need to make so many decisions in a short space of time. Wedding planning can be a full-time job and you could be forgiven for glossing over a few things.


But try to research every detail if you can. The results will be more stunning and your expectations more likely to be met if you can invest the time into researching everything from the peonies to the cocktails to the video style that is best for you. 


That part about researching the cocktails sounded good though, didn't it? Perhaps you can do that at the same time as you check out video styles!


To make it easier, we've compiled a quick guide to the five different types of wedding videos that are popular this wedding season. Take a look and see what grabs your attention, or maybe you will like a blend of two styles. 


If you look closely at a cinematic-style wedding video, you will see it looks similar to the effects seen in movies. We achieve this look through the use of filters, angles and transitioning between scenes. The highlights version of your video won't be in sequence but rather will bounce between different times of the day, very much like a movie trailer. 


Drawing these highlight moments together can be very dramatic and impactful. When you watch a movie trailer, you often feel a wave of emotion and a huge desire to see more. The wedding video can evoke the same feelings when presented in a cinematic style. 

Short Form

A short-form video is, as it sounds, a short video clip of your weddings. Often called the highlights reel, it is usually 3 - 5 minutes long to a song of your choice. This mini version of your wedding day is easy to share online with friends and family and is viewed frequently because of the convenient length. You can watch it commuting to work, over breakfast or any other time you have a spare five mins to be taken back to that blissful day of love and laughter. 


Many videographers offer packages that include a short form or highlights version of the video and the longer edited version. Always check what is included in your package and also what is available as an add-on. 


A traditional wedding video can be suited to couples having a formal wedding such as a church ceremony and reception following many important family traditions. This kind of video can be very sentimental and meaningful.


The sequence usually goes from getting ready to the ceremony to group shots and bridal party shots to reception coverage. There is a strong focus on covering the ceremony and speeches. There isn't so much importance put on abstract and arty moments, but the standard shots will indeed be included and emphasized, such as the rings, bouquet, doing up the dress and first dance. Out of all the styles we discuss during this article, this one has been around the longest. 


These are typically longer video edits and will not just try to capture the highlights, but also have audio as well.  So this style will likely include funny moments and sad moments. You will both laugh and cry. These videos will have a journalistic feel to them, and will have show the fuller story of the wedding day.

This modern style of editing wedding films has largely replaced the "Traditional" style wedding videos as it captures more authentic raw emotions of the day (high and lows).


Many couples love the story-telling style of video because it can be quite romantic and intimate. The goal is to tell the love story of the couple and draw emotion and feeling from the viewers with text, music and voiceovers, and visuals. This kind of video can be very charming and beautiful. 


If there is time, the videographer team might interview the bride and groom separately while getting ready to capture some of their emotion leading up to the ceremony. This might include first impressions, expectations and character descriptions of the wife or husband-to-be. This kind of interview always brings some giggles and often some unexpected tears too. The makeup artist is usually cursing the video team in the background when the tears roll, but this is life, which is your story.


We hope this bridal blog post has helped you understand the different types of wedding videos available. We know it's a lot to take in.


As you watch more wedding videos and explore video portfolios, you will begin to recognize the different styles. Remember, several styles will often be blended, and some match together naturally, such as the documentary and story-telling techniques. Don't be swayed by the style you think is most on-trend and in fashion today. Go for the one you love and that resonates with your soul. 


We are always here to talk about your wedding day, so please drop us a line soon. Which wedding video style best fits your vision for your best day ever? Let us know!

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