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Wedding Videographer the New Wedding Photographer?

Photography and videography are crucial to any event, especially for weddings. They work hand to hand to provide an everlasting memory of an unforgettable day in a couple's life. Photography captures a still image of a particular moment, and do not get me wrong, it is vital to have those pictures. On the other hand, videography has the power to transport you to a place where you can listen to everyone's voices, the music that was playing while you danced and laugh, and recreate the whole day. Here is why I believe a wedding videographer is as important as a photographer.


Some couples decide only to have a wedding photographer, and I understand that you will probably go for the photos if you need to choose one or the other. A photograph can capture the moment when you two were exchanging vows, and it will look perfect, but five or ten years from then, will you remember the exact words you said? The groom's look while her bride walked down the aisle is a moment you should be able to live again through a video.


Another great advantage of having such a special day recorded is that you see everything that happened while you were in the other room or having your pictures taken. There will be many stories and memories in the making, and it is impossible to remember it all. Weddings take months to plan, and they go by so fast, trust me you will want to enjoy it all again many times in the comfort of your living room and the company of your family or even your children. 


A video has the power to trigger all our senses. While you watch your first dance, you will listen to the song playing, remember how happy you felt in that moment, the complicity of a new couple, captured as no other medium can. Weddings are special occasions, where you get the chance to gather your family and friends in one place to celebrate love, this moment should be captured in the best way possible.


Wedding videographers are important because, in recent years, we have seen an alternative approach to weddings. You can have personal interviews before the big day to talk about your love story, how you met, your engagement and your expectations for the future. You may choose to have a pre-wedding video for your wedding day to show it to your guests at the reception before your grand entrance. A cinematic approach can work perfectly for social media. It captures your history with the highlights of your wedding instead of the full detailed video.


Throughout the years, I have read that one of the biggest regrets couples have after their wedding is not hiring a professional wedding videographer and photographer. Sometimes the budget is too tight, and they feel like it is not that important because guests will have their phones out and record every moment of the day. But in the rush of the moment, many of those photos and videos are not taken properly, they look too dark or blurry, or they do not have the size and quality you need to have them printed and framed. So, my advice is, get a wedding videographer. No one will remember the color of the napkins or the chairs' style, if you must choose between those details and a lifelong memory, choose wisely.


If you are looking for a wedding videographer in South Dakota do not hesitate and contact us, we are a team of professionals looking forward to telling your love story.

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

1. Pictures do not capture all

You might have pictures of you walking down the aisle and the look in your partner while you entered, but you will not get to see how the whole room reacted to your arrival, the look on your parent's face, or your grandmother tearing up while you said your vows. For some reason, time goes faster at weddings. You feel like those 24 hours end in 4. Sometimes you do not get the chance to take pictures with all your guests or are so nervous while entering the ceremony that you do not even know who is there. Having a wedding video will let you watch all those moments.

2. Relive and share your wedding

With a video, you get to watch, listen, and relive your wedding day. It is an ideal way to share your big day with those who could not assist for some reason. Having moving images of your family, hearing their wishes, looking at your partner in his or her attire will transport you and let you experience it all over again.

3. Some moments cannot be photographed

A picture of your partner saying his vows will not compare to listening to his voice while watching his expressions and movements, the look in his eyes while he tries to finish a sentence. The toast from your father, as he talks about how happy he feels that you found each other and tells a dad joke, cannot be captured in a single image. The music playing while you walked down the aisle or dance for the first time as husband and wife will not sound as you look at a picture. That is why you need a videographer.

4. You will create a memory for generations to come

Have you ever seen a video of your grandparent's wedding? Can you feel like you were a part of it? You get to see your family when they were young, how your grandparent's love started, the way they dressed, and the style of their big day. Wedding videos are treasures for future generations. There is no better way for grandkids to get to know you than through their own eyes.

5. You will be part of every moment

While you were getting ready, your partner was too, and you missed the look on his or her parents when the attire was on. While you were waiting in the car to enter the ceremony, your relatives where impatiently waiting inside, and you could not see that either. Maybe your best friend cried her eyes out when she saw you, but you had your eyes on the groom and did not notice it. Your wedding video will capture all those moments and many more.

How to Choose the Right Videographer for Your Wedding?

Choosing your wedding photographer and videographer should be as important as your venue and wedding attire. Wedding professionals recommend spending the larger part of your budget on the venue and reception, including catering, and the second more significant spend should be photography and videography. Now you can picture the importance of making the right choice.


Here are some tips to get the right fit for you:


Do your research

Once you have a list of potential matches, view samples of their work. Videographers have a personal style and offer different services. Some focus on the ceremony only, or the central moments like the first look, vow reading, toast, and first dance. Others will cover your entire event, all the fun moments that happen on the dance floor, so make sure your videographer offers what you need. 


Find someone you feel comfortable with

While this might be harder now to have an in-person meeting due to covid restrictions, and many couples are faced with having a more "transactional" approach versus a more "personable" one that is face to face. You can still get to know your videographer virtually.  While a video call may be preferred for some couples, many couples can get a could feel by just calling or texting to see the personality, warmth, humor, and professionalism of their videographer. On your wedding day, you should feel comfortable enough to be yourself and let them capture the essence of your love.


Make sure your styles match.

While you may not be able to describe "in words" the visual style you are looking for, you can certainly get a sense of the brand and look that a videography team displays.  There is usually continuity of style in all or most of their videos.  Be sure to check their portfolio and are really moved by their creative vision and style.


Hire someone comfortable with your venue

A ballroom wedding has different needs than an outdoor one. You need to make sure your videographer feels comfortable and has the right equipment to capture moments with loud music and low light or during a windy day. Talk to him about your venue and needs when you meet.


Review your contract

You should understand what you are paying for. The coverage time, the total time your edited video will last if they are covering both ceremony and reception if they offer one or two shooters to capture moments from a different perspective, cancellation policy, and fees. Ask everything you need to know and feel comfortable with your contract.

Remember that everyone can film your wedding even with a smartphone, but to have a moving memory of your wedding, you need to hire professionals, that know about editing, color, perspective, and background music licensing. Those details make a big difference in having your love story told in a gorgeous cinematic experience versus having a low resolution and out of focus video that is difficult to watch.

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