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Wedding Film Trends

Are you looking forward to 2024 as much as we are? Get ready my South Dakota wedding couples because there are so many reasons next year will be bright, wonderful and exciting.


We predict it's going to be an epic year. Okay, we know it’s a pretty safe prediction since 2020 didn't exactly offer much competition.  


Of course, the biggest highlight coming in the New Year is your wedding! We are ready to create your wedding video and can't wait to see your dress, shoes, florals and wedding cake. Most of all, we can't wait to see you two beautiful souls.


We want to share some trends for 2024 that will relate to your wedding and the videography services we offer to inspire you. 


Grab a glass of coffee or wine and do let us know which ones excite you the most.

Ceremony Live Streaming

Never have we had such a strong demand for live streaming and obviously, it's due to Covid. Couples wanted to bring their guests to the wedding day virtually to make them feel as connected as possible. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to offer this service and see positive results.


Some guests at home got dressed up to the nines, popped the champagne no matter what time zone they were in and huddled around the laptop to wait for the beautiful bride to walk down the aisle. Others watched in the PJs. 


However they tuned in, they all loved watching the ceremony live and were just as happy for the couple online as they would have been in person. Of course, being there would have been better, but being online to see the wedding ceremony was deeply appreciated.

Instagram Wedding Teaser Trailer

This is down to personal preference and an introvert and an extrovert could both be fantastic videographers. Just remember you are with this person and their team for the whole day so you should like them. 


In our minds, we feel like the video team should be people who are warm and down to earth. Aren't those the kind of people you feel instantly relaxed around? And aren't these the kind of people you want your friends and family to be surrounded by on the day? 


Calm, quiet and in control is how a video team can work and blend into the room unobtrusively. Have you ever been to a wedding and felt like you wanted to duck when the photographer came by for another round of flash-in-the-face photos? It shouldn't happen like that. 


Finally, it would help if you had a videographer who can step up and speak loudly with authority when needed. During the wedding day, this confidence comes in handy, like right after the ceremony when the group photos and video shots happen. It's no easy feat to organize 80 guests to stand in front of the floral archway when the open bar is grabbing their attention.


A skilled people person will make it happen and you will have those group combos done in no time and be off for your romantic couple shots.

The Bokeh Effect, Color-grading Videos And Slow-motion

There's no denying it. Wedding videos are becoming more professional-looking, cinematic in style and often polished to the quality you would expect from the movies. 


Modern technology and advancements in videography gear for shooting and editing has changed the way we see wedding days. It just keeps getting better and better. 


Color-grading adds depth and richness to a video that is astounding when you compare the original footage with the edited footage. Slow-motion, when used sparingly and at the right moments, can change the pace of a video and add a romantic vibe to it. 

The bokeh effect in a wedding video can be powerful and stunning. It looks great with the wedding rings and other sparkly details, with lighting including fairy lights and candles and fireworks too. 

Value For Money

You already know weddings are expensive. Photography and videography come in as one of the highest costs, usually behind the venue and food and drink costs. Rates should reflect the work quality and be competitive with other video teams offering similar standards and package inclusions.


As the old saying goes: you get what you pay for. Don't be tempted to book the cheapest video team you can find. This is an investment and not an expense. Investing in a quality service when it comes to wedding videography is something you will be glad you did. You will have an asset from your wedding that you can keep forever. 


Check what is included in packages and what is an add-ons, as you don't want to be surprised later with fees you weren't aware of.


Many couples say to us that they are not wanting "cheesy" wedding videos. They want more authentic and "real" portrayal of their wedding day.  This is why the goal of skilled photographers and videographers is looking to capture moments as they unfold rather than staging every shot and doing multiple takes for every moment.  Often times, the best smiles and laughter come from being real, and not from fake posing.

The Voice-over Love Letter

The trend of putting the vows audio over the wedding video footage remains popular. A new trend is expanding on this idea and it's intimate, romantic and a little less traditional.

The bride and groom read the letter out loud and the audio is laid over the footage. It's a little more contemporary and ideal for the beginning of the video during the getting ready stages. It gives us more options and we can use it alone or combined with your wedding vows.

Drone Footage

The drone will probably never go out of fashion, or at least we hope not.


Dramatic footage can be captured and added to your wedding video in many ways.  South Dakota and Sioux Falls have beautiful scenic locations that work great for aerial views.


A drone can fly at least one km vertically or in any other direction and we use it throughout the day in many creative ways. Here are a few:


  • Aerial footage of the venue and surrounding areas in general

  • The bride standing in a window in her dress 

  • The ceremony

  • Footage of the group shot with the couple and all the guests

  • The couple walking together 

  • Night footage showing lights, fireworks and dancing


It's great for outdoor weddings, beach weddings and garden weddings. 


We are happy weddings are still happening because Covid put a halt to a lot of weddings and events for a while. So of course, we are flexible with dates and if you have to delay or change the date, we totally understand.


We always keep an eye on new and emerging trends. They motivate us always to be innovative, forward-thinking and creative.


Drop us a line if you have any questions or comments about the trends.

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