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Six Must-have Qualities of a Wedding Videographer

Finding your dream team of wedding vendors is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. The florals, the decor, jewelry, signage and wedding cake - it's all so alluring and there are so many gorgeous options.


Most brides and grooms spend countless hours scrolling though luxury IG feeds and Pinterest boards and Googling crazy in their search for the perfect video team. 


To help you find what you are looking for, we put together a blog post talking about the six must-have qualities of a wedding videographer.

Spoiler alert: this wedding videographer in Sioux Falls ticks all the boxes below.

A Beautiful Portfolio

Let's start with the obvious because, without this one, we can't go any further. Your chosen videography team should have a portfolio that makes your heart sing. You should have a list of favorite highlight videos because you just can't choose your favorite. You are hiring an artist, so you should be in love with the work being created. 


When you view a portfolio, questions will probably pop up in your mind. Keep a list to email your videographer. Is the full ceremony included in the long version? Are all the speeches included in the long version? Do we choose music to go with our video? 

When you have a shortlist of videographers, look through the portfolios closely. Look at recent work and if you don't see any (sometimes we videographers get swamped and fall behind on our blogging), reach out and ask. As new trends emerge and styles evolve, your videographer's work might change, so looking at recent work should be a priority. 

Experience As Well As Talent

A videographer can have bucket loads of talent but not a lot of experience. That might be fine for many weddings - until it isn't. Some weddings unfold in ways that call for expertise. This valuable experience can even save the day. Although it's not likely, it's nice to know you are covered.


If only we had a crystal ball to predict the weather on your best day ever. What we do know for sure is The Weather Man sometimes doesn't deliver the sunshine. 


It's rare, but possible a videographer will be faced with shooting indoors in a poorly lit venue if the weather turns bad. That is where experience comes in and the video work can still turn out to be stunningly beautiful. An inexperienced videographer might panic or not know how to shoot in this unexpected light and mess up.


With experience also comes calmness and confidence to handle people who might be a little tricky. With the most profound respect and grace, we understand when people are stressed, bossy or rocking drunk. Such clients or wedding guests can throw off an inexperienced wedding vendor and you've seen the reality tv shows or perhaps even witnessed it in real life. If this happens it's just fine. It’s just another day on the dance floor for your experienced wedding videographer.


The thought of these situations surely makes you cringe, but now is the time to think about every scenario. Investing in a team with experience is a wise move.

The Right Personality

This is down to personal preference and an introvert and an extrovert could both be fantastic videographers. Just remember you are with this person and their team for the whole day so you should like them. Will someone too noisy will drive you crazy? An in-person or video call meeting before hiring is highly recommended. 


In our minds, we feel like the video team should be people who are warm and down to earth. Aren't those the kind of people you feel instantly relaxed around? And aren't these the kind of people you want your friends and family to be surrounded by on the day? 


Calm, quiet and in control is how a video team can work and blend into the room unobtrusively. Have you ever been to a wedding and felt like you wanted to duck when the photographer came by for another round of flash-in-the-face photos? It shouldn't happen like that. 


Finally, it would help if you had a videographer who can step up and speak loudly with authority when needed. During the wedding day, this confidence comes in handy, like right after the ceremony when the group photos and video shots happen. It's no easy feat to organize 80 guests to stand in front of the floral archway when the open bar is grabbing their attention.


A skilled people person will make it happen and you will have those group combos done in no time and be off for your romantic couple shots.

Be Business Savvy

To run a successful and thriving wedding videography business, the easy part is taking the gorgeous footage and editing it into a masterpiece to be loved for years to come.


What is equally important and perhaps more challenging to many business owners is running a savvy business. What does it mean? Below is a list of qualities an organized and professional videography business owner should be able to demonstrate. 


  • Being up-to-date with technology: Keeping up with the latest technology for a videographer means the gear used at the wedding and the editing tools. Not to mention marketing, social media and more. You have to be continually learning because technology stops for nobody. We love it and it keeps us busy. Recently couples have been requesting live video feeds to share with guests who couldn't attend weddings due to Covid. Technology has made it possible and please talk to us if this is a service you might need. 


  • Has a back-up team in case of illness: It hasn't happened before, but we've stepped in a few times for fellow videographers who suddenly had situations go down and they needed support. It's reassuring to know there is a plan B in case the lead videographer or any of the team can't make it on your much-anticipated day. 


  • Provides detailed contracts: Paperwork can be a snore and bore, but we say detailed agreements are essential. Knowing exactly what you are buying, what will happen if the wedding date changes and how long the editing will take are just a few of the details that should be in a contract. Covid-19 terms and conditions should also be covered. As an added bonus, every time your partner asks you a question about the wedding video, you can say it's in the contract. 


  • Offers support to clients willingly: Wedding vendors are a wealth of information and we believe they should be generous with their time. If you need advice on a wedding venue or feedback on vendors, you should be able to lean on your trusted people you have already hired. 


  • Excellent customer service every step of the way: Your videographer is a vendor you talk with extensively before the wedding, spend the entire day with on the wedding day and are still communicating with after you get home from your dream honeymoon. Excellent customer service is the icing on the wedding cake. Everyone loves cake and everyone deserves great service!


  • Flexibility with a smile: Flexibility should be a given. Dates can change, timelines can be flipped upside down at the last minute and you never know what adjustments might need to happen. So you need a video vendor who can be flexible. With so many things happening all day long, the nature of weddings is that flexibility is needed at all times. 

Value For Money

You already know weddings are expensive. Photography and videography come in as one of the highest costs, usually behind the venue and food and drink costs. Rates should reflect the work quality and be competitive with other video teams offering similar standards and package inclusions.

Check what is included in packages and what is an add-on. For example, don't assume the second videographer is included in every video package. 

Reasonable Editing Time

We understand you can't wait to see your video. We also can't wait to start editing it and see how it unfolds into the most beautiful visual work of art. 


Basically, ask in advance of booking how long editing will take. Also, ask if there is any service providing a preview or sneak peek or express service (which can include same-day edits). Knowing in advance what to expect will take away any frustrations or feelings of impatience later on.


Generally, editing the video is far more work and more time consuming than shooting on the day. Editing is a creative process that shouldn't be hurried. Give your video team space to edit without feeling rushed or pressured and they will surely deliver within or before the promised time frame. 

In Summary...

Wow, that was a lot to consider. We hope this list helped you realize what you want and need in a videography team. It can also apply to other wedding vendors. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life. It is the highlight of your love story so far and deserves to be documented perfectly.


When you look back on your stunning wedding video, the feelings and emotions you experienced on the day will come flooding back. The video is a way to preserve and relive those precious memories that are so beautiful and meaningful. It must turn out exactly how you expect. 


We find most couples post their video highlights online to share with friends and family and watch it over and over again. For the more extended version, most couples only view it occasionally.


You might want to view the long version with some candles and wine every year on your wedding anniversary. Later this wedding video will become a part of your family history, a record of your life when you were young and fancy-free and a reminder of how far you have come as a couple. 


Your wedding video is also a way to preserve all the things about your wedding that you can't keep, such as flowers, cake and decorations. Seeing those pretty details on video is a way to enjoy forever all the things you loved so much on your wedding day. 


If you are looking for a professional wedding videographer in Sioux Falls, we would love to talk. Click on the button below to give us details on how to best reach you and also for us to send you our wedding video package pricing. Let's start our journey together!


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