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Four Unique Engagement Sessions To Consider

Engagement video sessions are designed to create beautiful video footage in anticipation of your best day ever.


There are many uses for the video clips we make for our engaged couples, from preserving memories, making announcements and entertaining guests on the wedding day.


We see no reason to wait until the wedding day to document your love story!


Just think about it. You are engaged and about to be married. This is a sacred, inspiring, special time of your life that is happening right now. It will never be repeated. Both of you are about to embark on a new chapter of life and it's a big deal. 


When you are an old married couple, wouldn't it be nice to re-visit these days of blissful giddy love? By then, your love will be different - deeper, richer and more full of life's stories. You will reflect on the proposal, engagement and wedding with fondness and joy. 


So, here are four unique engagement video sessions to consider before your wedding day. 

4 Engagement or Pre-wedding Sessions

Bridals / First Look session 

Get dressed up in your wedding attire for an engagement session that will showcase your beautiful love story. 


Some couples wear the same bridal outfits the plan to wear on the actual day, while others buy or hire different ones for the pre-wedding video session. 


You might hire different outfits if you want to keep them perfect for the big day, or you might love dressing up in a different wedding dress purely for the fun fashion moment that surely will unfold. 


Prenuptial videos are also a great time to document the first look. Then you can free up some time on the wedding day. Also, you can have more flexibility on where you do the first look. We will climb to the top of a mountain if you desire because that would make some epic first look video footage. 

Adventure Session

Life is an adventure; love is an adventure, so why not make a video featuring two loves living life to the fullest? 


We can travel far and wide, to quirky or exotic locations and make a video that really speaks to your personalities and love vibe. This might be our most creative way to video bridals and we get super excited planning adventure sessions because they are always so much fun to make, edit and deliver.

Love Story Film

Love story videos are often shown during the wedding reception and what better entertainment you could give your guests? You can show it on a big screen - we love this movie-like way of displaying the reception video. Or if you are more into subtleness, you can have it playing on loop on the guest book table or even at the bar. These are areas every guest visits, so you know they will all see the love story film.


Reading love letters that you write to each other and then read them out loud as the cameras roll is very popular. This is always emotional and sentimental and is likely more common if couples are comfortable asking questions on the spot in front of the camera.

Alternatively, we can interview the bride and groom. We prepare the questions, but you don't know them in advance. Your reply will be heartfelt and natural and we can easily re-take or edit out any phrases that don't sound perfect.


The love story film can also be used as a save the date or announcement video to notify your friends and family the wedding of the year is going down. 

Rehearsal Dinner Session

Rehearsal dinners are full of joyful and spontaneous moments and everyone is excited and relaxed. It is an excellent time for us to capture some authentic documentary-style footage of your both with your family and friends as they arrive in to celebrate your marriage. Also, we will get footage of just the couple that is authentic and effortless - it's how we roll! 


The reasons for booking a pre-wedding video are endless, but here are some of our favorites:


  • Have a fun and romantic experience in with your love

  • Create an artistic memory leading up to the wedding day

  • Get used to being in front of the camera

  • Explore beautiful places not accessible on the wedding day

  • Share it with guests as a save the date announcement or to announce your wedding

  • Show it at the wedding reception to entertain your guests

  • Get to know your videographer


These unique engagement sessions are curated for the modern couple who appreciate their life is a kind of art in motion.


If you have your ideas for videos, we fully welcome them. Creating a video that includes your vision is something we are always open to. Or you can choose a type of session and we can get straight to the planning. There is a lot to decide, including outfits, hairstyles, accessories, make-up and locations. 


If you would like to see some of the save the date videos and announcement videos we have created for other couples, we would be happy to share them with you. Have questions? We are glad to answer any of them.


Some couples book more than one engagement session because they are a great way to highlight love stories gorgeously and share information with guests.


Undoubtedly, you will watch any of these videos many times over the years to come.  While the majority of the weddings we do are in 

Sioux Falls, we also do engagement sessions throughout all of South Dakota.


Drop us a line with all your ideas and which engagement session sounds like its right for you. We will send more info and details on all our packages, including wedding day cinematography and video packages. We can't wait to hear from you!

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