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Why Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer?

We know a lot of couples wonder if they should hire a videographer to document their wedding day. Of course, we say a big, yes! And we would love to tell you why.



Would you like to preserve the feeling of excitement you had getting ready with the bridal party on the wedding day? Do you think seeing yourself walk down the aisle would evoke a feeling of happiness and fond memories? Would you love to see everyone dancing at your wedding like they've never danced before? 


Seeing an aerial view of your wedding venue in some remote area in South Dakota is something you can't imagine until you see it. When that drone takes to the air, magic happens. Your incredible wedding video is elevated to the professional footage you see in the movies

Still unsure? Here are some reasons why you should hire a videographer to capture your wedding.

Did You See That?

On the wedding day, there are so many things that happen that you don't see. We are talking beautiful, funny, extraordinary moments that you wouldn't want to miss. After you get back from your honeymoon and meet up with your bridal party, they will be talking about all the highlights of your wedding day. Wouldn't it feel great to know those moments were recorded and delivered to you soon?


When you get the email saying your wedding video is ready for viewing, you will be as excited as you were on your wedding day. To witness these wedding day moments happening on video later is so exciting. Your day that was so special and sentimental actually can become more meaningful through video. For example, seeing each other get ready, watching guests during cocktail hour and hearing laughter and conversations during dinner are all parts of the day most couples would enjoy immensely. 


Capturing People Like Grandparents

Life is short and the people we love may not be around forever. Having their presence captured on video is a gift. Many couples would love to have footage of their grandparents talking on video at their wedding, but it simply doesn't exist. 


Also, seeing children on video is the most precious thing. They grow up so fast and even by the time your first wedding anniversary rolls around the children at your wedding will have grown, transformed and changed. 


We can preserve our memories of people closest to us through the magic medium of video. It's flipping amazing!


Looking Good In Our Number Ones

Your wedding is the ideal time to capture everyone on film. Everyone is together, dressed up and having the best time, so it is a great chance to document your loved ones. 


For the bride and groom, we know you always look great, but today you are probably looking the best you ever looked. What a great time to hire a videographer!


Consider Basic Coverage

Basic video coverage is better than nothing at all. We have shorter packages for small weddings and elopements and couples who only require a brief video of the day. 


No Regrets

Talk to your married friends and family and ask them the question - is there anything you regret about your wedding day? We can predict they won't say they wish they had a bigger wedding cake or had paid extra for the gold-plated cutlery instead of the silver. But some will probably say they wish they had hired a videographer. 


We can think of nothing worse than regretting not getting a video of your wedding day. While your friends might have lots of mini-clips from their phones, nothing can compare to a high-quality professional video that showcases all the details of your best day ever. 


There's no way to go back and do it all again. This is a once-in-a-lifetime day and we believe it deserves to be documented.


Memories Fade

The wedding day goes by in a blur of excitement, high love vibes and cocktails. For most couples, the first time they see their wedding day video, it brings back memories they hadn't fully taken in on the day. 


Also, over time as the years of blissful married life pass by, your memory will fade. The details of the day will disappear from your mind even though they are so precious to you. A video can trigger your memory and help you hold onto the feelings and emotions you felt on your wedding day. 


Documenting Family History

A wedding video is a beautiful way to document family history. In many years to come, thanks to modern technology such as social media and cloud storage, family members who aren't even born yet, might enjoy your wedding video. They might scan the video to see what family members looked like when they were younger and admire your bridal fashion. 


Documenting family history through wedding videography is a gift to future generations and a creative way to detail your family tree. 


Anniversary Celebrations

Watching your wedding video on your anniversary can become your newest couple tradition. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you have watched countless times? Do you love it more and more every year? This will be the same with your wedding video as you cozy up with your beloved every year to recount the most blissful memories of the day you tied the knot. 



Finally, we have to consider Covid. Sadly we don't know what will happen in the future with the pandemic. Couples don't know for sure until the last week before the wedding who might not make it to the wedding. If there are special guests who can't come due to Covid restrictions, at least you can show them the video later. It won't be the same, but it will give them a feeling of what it was like to be there.

Reasons Couples Don't Book Videography Services

The reasons couples don't get video service for their wedding usually comes down to two issues - budget and comfort.


The budget doesn't need much explaining. Sadly your wedding budget probably isn't unlimited and you need to prioritize your spending. However, we say the video is an investment into holding onto everything else you spent so much money on. Of course, the flowers won't last long after the big day, but you can enjoy them over and over through your wedding video.  We do our best to be flexible and accommodating for couples on a tight budget. 


By comfort, we mean couples who aren't comfortable in front of the camera. We meet many camera-shy grooms in our line of work as a Sioux Falls wedding videography team. We get it. But we promise it will be a relaxed and natural experience. We are not making you pose a lot and after a little while, you will forget we are there. Also, you probably have a photographer, so what is one more camera right?

Isn't Having Photos And Videography Over The Top?

We love photos and of course, you will have a wedding photographer who will create a lovely wedding album for you. But there is something about video footage that photography can't capture. It's a different medium and if you can have both, you will love the video as much as you love the photos.


With video, you can hear the music. The song you walked down the aisle to will always be special. Your first dance song also brings back the happy feels in a big way. 


With video, you can hear your vows being spoken. Your voices saying those most special words can't be captured in photography. To listen to your partner's words of love is a joy and gift. You would know that voice anywhere and waited a long time to hear those vows being poured out in front of your friends and family. Relive the moment through your wedding video!


Let's not forget the speeches. A great collection of speeches and toasts will make you smile, laugh and cry. Amongst your friends and family, you surely will have the funny one, the emotional one and the serious one. Those qualities your best friends and family have are among the many reasons you love them so much. These speeches can be kept to be enjoyed again in the years to come.


We hope we have given you a fresh perspective on why you should hire a wedding videographer. If you are having a wedding event in Sioux Falls or in another part of South Dakota, we would love to hear from you. We are excited about the wedding season and can't wait to tell your wedding story in the most creative and beautiful way.

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