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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Your Wedding Videographer

You have the sparkly ring on your finger, the venue booked and have just found the most epic wedding cake maker imaginable. Now it's time to find the dream videography team to document your best day ever. 


Wedding videography is a substantial investment in preserving your memories from the most important day of your life. You will look back on this day for many years to come when you watch your video. 


The video should evoke feelings of nervous excitement as you put on your dress and elated happiness as you kiss for the first time as a married couple. When you see the reception celebration scenes, a smile should appear on your face as you recall the evening of blissful love, fun and laughter. 


Perfection has to be reached technically, creatively, professionally and joyfully. Whether your wedding is in South Dakota or elsewhere

this article can help in guiding you through some of the mistakes we most often see.


Let's look at five mistakes engaged wedding couples might make when hiring a wedding videographer. 

Not Checking The Portfolio Well Enough

When you find a videographer you like, take a close look at their work. It is time-consuming, but essential you watch a selection of videos from start to finish. Make sure you understand the video team's style of documenting and how it is achieved. Make a list of questions that come to mind as you are watching the video clips. 


Is the work consistently beautiful in natural light and low light situations? Make sure you hire a team skilled in working in various lighting conditions and ask if they bring lighting if your reception is at a low-lit venue. 


Involve your partner in the hiring process. It is vital that you both love the work of the wedding video team you are hiring. 

Hiring Wedding Videographers Based On Recommendation Only

It's great if a friend or family member recommends a videographer (or any other wedding vendor) based on their positive experience. But don't jump in and hire a vendor based purely on a recommendation without doing your own research. 


Your expectations or taste might be different from the person who recommended the vendor. Take the recommendation as a starting point but do ample research after that and come to your own decision

Not Understanding Wedding Video Package Inclusions

Read through the video packages and understand what is included. Don't assume there are inclusions if they are not listed. For example, raw footage isn't usually included in a package. Sometimes it can be added on, but some videographers don't offer the option at all. Many couples book a video team expecting to receive the unedited footage, but you shouldn't unless it's specified. 


Check if the full ceremony and full speeches are included in the package. 


Understand extra costs, such as re-editing fees. If there is an editing error such as continuity issues, you can usually expect a complimentary re-edit. But if you want to change other footage based on your artistic interpretation, there may be extra costs involved. 


Request a contract or document listing everything that is included. If you agree on any extras or changes to the package, make sure it is in writing, so everyone is on the same page. 

Getting To Know Your Videographer

The experience on the wedding day needs to be considered as well as the finished result. You should feel a connection with your videographer every step of the way. 

Email correspondence, phone calls, video calls, texting - in many ways have replaced in-person meetings in light covid restrictions and not to mention that some couples live hours away - so in-person meeting would likely not be an option. Everyone is unique, and so some couples may want a video call, while others are fine with just email.  Either way, be sure you feel comfortable with how responsive videographers are in replying to your inquiries. If you don't hear from them in a couple days than something is off.  They should also be warm and delighted to answer all your questions.


Before hiring your dream team for videography, you should feel as comfortable as possible to make sure you are compatible on a personal level.  You are with the lead videographer and team for the entire day. If they are not by your side, they will be nearby, so it's essential you vibe with your videographer and feel relaxed and open around them. Also, they are one of the few vendors you continue working with after the wonderful day has passed. 

Budget Cuts

Finally, it doesn't happen often, but sometimes a couple will need to cut back on the wedding budget. The reasons can vary from unexpected financial costs related to the wedding or other life issues, the guest list increasing or even discovering a baby is on the way. 


If something like this happens, couples may need to cut something from the wedding. It shouldn't be the video because you need these precious memories. I've heard many brides regret not hiring a videographer to document their wedding day. Honestly, I've never heard a bride regret cutting back on the roses or reducing the alcohol selection on the open bar. 


If the situation is extreme, it would be better to choose the least expensive wedding package than cancel the video service altogether. Later you would indeed deeply regret not having the wedding day video footage to look back on.


Those wonderful yet fleeting moments on the wedding day also go by so fast. The day can be a blur of heightened emotion and it's easy to miss details. That is why looking back on the wedding video is such a beautiful gift for the couple and their family. 


We hope this list of commonly-made mistakes helps you find the right video team for your wedding day. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need before making a final decision. This is a major investment and you have the right to be fully informed and happy before putting down a deposit to lock in the date. 


If you are a South Dakota bride and groom looking for a wedding videographer, we cover all of South Dakota, including Sioux Falls area and beyond. Drop us a line and tell me all about your love story, wedding plans and vision for your wedding videography. We can't wait to talk to you both!

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