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How Does a Second Cinematographer Help Your Wedding Film?

Hello beautiful brides and gorgeous grooms! Today we are going to talk about numbers. Not the guest list numbers (I’ll leave that to you thankfully), but your number of videographers.


There are many reasons why a second cinematographer enhances your wedding video to a higher level.


Once you understand why two videographers are far better than one, you will have a new perspective when you look at portfolios. If you have a good eye, you might be able to recognize when one or two videographers were shooting. 


When you first view your wedding video, we want you to be wowed and amazed by the footage. Actually, we expect you to feel that awesome feeling every time you see it, even when you are old and gray.


For sure your video will have far more of a wow factor with a team of videographers rather than a solo videographer. Here’s why!

It Adds Depth To The Wedding Film

Having two videographers adds a professional depth to the film. Sometimes we want to show the same moment from two different angles. It is only possible if there are two shooters.


For example, one videographer gets a wide shot of the ring exchange and the other gets the close-up of the ring being put onto the bride's finger. In the edited video, you will see the footage cut smoothly from the wide shot to the close-up shot, then back to the wide shot again. If the second shooter weren't there, the videographer would have to choose to do only one shot (or maybe do the long shot and re-enact the close-up later). 


Blending footage of the same moment from different angles makes the video look more polished, high-end and professional. 

We Can Be Two Places At One Time

This one is easy to explain. Sometimes there are a few areas with exciting things going down on the wedding day. Let's walk through some examples.


Getting Ready

There is so much going on in the bride's room that it can be hard to leave. We have to record the detail shots, hair and make-up shots, putting on the jewelry and veil, parents arriving and gift-giving. Not to mention champagne popping and beautiful footage when you are totally ready and the anticipation is building.


While one videographer can wait for a break to dash to the boys, there is also the ceremony set-up to capture before the guests arrive. It's nice to have that footage of the perfect ceremony scene, but we have to wait for the florist to have every petal in place and get other staff to kindly duck out of the background. You can see how it can be an impossible time crunch.


The Ceremony

Getting those various angles of the ceremony is really great for capturing more moments and from different vantage points.  This helps to create a final cinematic and story-telling video edit.


After The Ceremony

Having a videographer to man the cocktail hour will add another element to your wedding video.  There is a lot of moments to record and having two videographers will allow for more coverage of your big day.

It Helps The Day Go More Smoothly

If there are two videographers, we help each other out. There are so many variables, unexpected twists and turns and things changing and constantly moving on a wedding day. Having two videographers helps our workflow.


Especially if you have a big wedding group, it will be beneficial to have a team. For example, during the group photos, one videographer might be getting the footage. At the same time, the other gets guests organized (taking away empty water bottles, moving distracting elements from sight, reminding people to remove sunglasses). While one is doing that, the other is up the ladder instructing guests to move a little to the left to the right and do a little dance.

We Can Be More Creative

If there are two videographers, you have more time to get some creative shots. You might see your partner photographer has things covered and take 15 minutes to shot some wild angles or see what you can create by shooting through the dreamy fairy lights. Or you might have more time to set the couple up somewhere that will make a spectacular shot. Having a team gives you room to find inspiration and be more creative. I'm not saying one videographer won't be creative, but it opens up more opportunities with two. 

There Is Less Chance Of Missed Shots

Having a second shooter helps ensure important shots aren't missed. If Uncle Bob does leap into the middle of the aisle as you are announced man and wife and kiss, we will have it from one angle at least. 


Now you are fully informed about why a second cinematographer helps your wedding film. 


Your love story deserves to be told in the most beautiful way possible. We can't wait to document your best chapter so far!

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