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Design Elements


Audio Enhancements

Most audio is in a noisy environment.  Use "Essential Sound > "Enhance Speech" in Adobe Premiere to enhance the vocal audio and remove unwanted background sounds.

Choppy Footage

A lot of different things can cause choppy footage: mixed frame rates, shutter speeds, etc.  You can solve that by simply using the Adobe Media Encoder to render out files.

File > Export > Media > Export Settings > QueueQueue is what sends it to AME.

Grainy Footage

We shoot in poorly light conditions often times.  Apply "VR De-Noise" effect to footage to fix.  Watch the below video to see how this is done.

24fps Slow-mo

While we do our best to shoot most slo-mo footage in 60 fps, there are times were we are shooting in 24 fps. Right-click footage clip > Clip Speed 40% > Time Interpolation: Optical Flow.

Best Export Settings

Optimize your export quality, speed, and smaller file sizes.

  • H264

  • 1920x1080

  • 23.976

  • Max Render Depth: On, Max Render Quality: On

  • Video bitrate settings: VBR 1 Pass, Target Bitrate (Mbps): 30

  • Audio settings: AAC codec, 48000 Hz sample, stereo, bitrate 320

Multicam Audio Sync

Automate your multi-cam audio sync by creating "Multi-Camera Source Sequence" in Premiere.

Stabilized Shaky Footage

Apply a "Warp Stabilizer" effect to fix shaky footage.

Auto-Generate Audio Ducking

Audio ducking is the process of lowering background music when someone speaks, and then raise it when they finish speaking. Audio tab > Essential Sound.

Normalize Audio in Media Encoder

Audio levels can be tricky and can go up and down.  There is a single check box in Adobe Media Encoder that will help fix it automatically.

Skip to the last minute of this video below where he shows you.

And here's a quick summary of what he uses.

AME > Effects Tab

  • Select "Loudness Normalization"

  • Loudness Standard:  ITU BS.1770-3

  • Target Loudness:  -14 LUFS

  • Tolerance: 0 LU

  • Max True Peak Level  -1 dBTP

Auto Reframe for Social Media

This automation "Auto Reframe" effect allows you to repurpose your edit to create vertical reels and TikTok content easily.

Make Songs Any Length

Make any song any length by using the "Remix Tool" in Premiere.

Text-based Editing

Transcribe the audio into text and then simply edit the text to make your video edits.  Automatic Transcription > Transcript Text Editor > Sequence Transcript

Add Handheld Camera Motion to Static Tripod Shots

8 fake handheld camera movement presets for Adobe Premiere Pro. Created using real handheld motion, this free video pack gives your videos more dynamic.

Add "bloom" or halation for light glow

To get volumetric glows on dark night shots add bloom effects easily with duplicating the video layer and the top video layer add:

  • Luma Key effect: Threshold: 88% , Cutoff 84%

  • Gaussian Blur effect: Gaussian Blur: 300%

Automatic Tone Mapping

Automatic Tone Mapping optimizes the process of working with different media and color spaces in the same timeline. Say goodbye to LUTs and custom color settings as tone mapping converts popular log formats to display correctly.

General preferences > Auto Detect Log Video Color Space and also Sequence Settings > Working Colorspace: Rec.709, Auto Tone Map Media: On


Auto Color Match

You can easily take a reference image (from a film for example) and use Auto Match Feature in Adobe Premiere Pro to get color matching.  Lumetri > Color Wheels > Color Match > Comparison View > Apply Match

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