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6 Great Places in Minnesota That Offer Great Amenities for Weddings

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Otherwise called “The Star of the North”, Minnesota truly lives up to its name. In this beautiful state, you will find one of the most stunning backdrops for your wedding videography no matter what kind of venue you choose. Speaking of, the venues range anywhere from traditional ballrooms to unique quirky places in the city, and from rustic aesthetic to modern style that is perfectly entwined with ethnic flairs - like the cuisine. There are so many amenities and attractions for your guests that you may rest assured that they will feel both entertained and comfortable at your event. In terms of locations in Minnesota, basically, you can take your pick anywhere and still curate an event that will be memorable for decades to come. However, apart from the popular choices, today we are listing 6 small and lesser-known cities that are truly outstanding!

Marshall, MN

Founded in the second half of the 19th century, the charming Marshall serves to be the seat for Lyon County. It offers a unique blend of activities such as small-town event happenings, wonderful dining experiences like pizza raches, museums, golf clubs, and a connection to nature. One of the more exciting entertainment that your guests can experience nearby is also Camden State Park with fantastic picnic sights and camping areas. Plus, the Redwood River that flows through the town gives an amazing vibe which we as wedding videographers love for beautiful portrayals! There are also many venues but the more notable ones are the Marshall Golf Club with picturesque scenery for your wedding videography and the newly added The Clearings ceremony site with beautiful old trees and a cedar pergola. The second is The Caboose, with a beautiful reception hall and other fun activities like pool tables and mini arcades!

Mankato, MN

Mankato is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Minnesota! With a mix of urban and suburban, there is a balance that will easily amaze you. Not to mention your wedding videography will look breathtaking with all the great parks nearby, the trails, the rivers, and lakes… and the natural prairies and forests? Those are the landscapes that will surely highlight the beauty of your experience. If you want to further enrich the entertainment for your close ones, there are gorgeous waterfalls to be seen too. Some of the wedding venues we love: the Capitol Room - which is a superb blend of historical, industrial, and rustic aesthetics; the Mankato Golf Club which has many options to tailor your iconic day in terms of ceremony and reception; and the Kato Ballroom for a modern meets luxe experience!

Willmar, MN

What is special about small towns like Willmar, is the strong sense of community that welcomes all people with kindness. This place became a city at the break of the 20th century and today it has developed into a thriving prosperous settlement. One of the most incredible things about the area is of course the Willmar lakes - talk about majestic backdrops that we can use as wedding videographers, especially during sunset! Searching for venues? Three to consider are the elegant and refined Willmar Conference Center; The Oaks at Eagle Creek - which is impressively an event center, restaurant & bar with a golf course; and our favorite - Rolling Forks Vineyards, just 1 hour drive from Willmar, with gorgeous views upon the lake, which would be a unique touch to your wedding videography.

Albert Lea, MN

More commonly known as the land between the lakes, this small town offers amazing activities like fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and boating! It was first a small flourishing village that grew to be a lovely town with fantastic amenities for your guests. With so much water around, nature is picturesque and offers stunning scenery for wedding videography. If you are looking forward to exploring the historical spots dating from the 19th century, you are going to love the downtown! When it comes to celebrations, some of the more notable venues are the Barn of Chapeau Shores with really great options for your ceremony and reception in terms of settings and landscapes entwined with rustic charm; Wedgewood Cove Golf Club with a gorgeous ballroom and sights over the lake; and Three Oak Vineyards and Winery which has the perfect nature ceremony setting for tying the knot!

Rochester, MN

Most of you might know it because of the Mayo Clinic but there is more than meets the eye! From dining and breweries to arts and events, Rochester surely has many activities to experience with your close ones. It is one of the bigger cities in Minnesota so naturally, the choices are numerous when it comes to curating your wedding day. You can have an urban rooftop celebration, rustic barn style, modern ballroom, and even stone barn aesthetic that is perfect for those couples seeking something with a little bit of character. As experienced wedding videographers in the area, we would definitely recommend the J.Powers at the Hilton, which is a very beautiful, sophisticated, and unique place; and the Mayowood Stone Barn is also one of our favorites because of its amazingly authentic interior and feel!

St.Cloud, MN

An agricultural center that is also famous for its granite quarries. But in essence, there are more qualities to this city that you would fall in love with. The historical part is especially beautiful, but what makes it even more alluring is the flowing Mississippi river. The skyline with the mountain backdrop is also one of the most amazing features! Some of the most unique wedding venues that you can find are the Regency, a historic place in downtown St.Cloud, with a superb blend of historic, contemporary, and elegant vibe; the Rolling Ridge - where modern comfort meets rustic charm; and the Park Event Center which is a huge complex with countless of options to plan your special day!

We hope you loved our selection! If you need more information about the areas or about our wedding videography packages, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are looking forward to knowing more about you and your love story!

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