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9 Towns in South Dakota That Are Great Places to Get Married

Rapid City wedding

Planning a wedding in South Dakota? Then you are probably facing a challenge from the choices concerning picking a spot! While Rapid City, SD and Sioux Falls, SD get a lot of love and mentions and for good reason as both are the largest cities, but there are other gems that might get overlooked. So we are going to show some love to other areas for South Dakota.

The Mount Rushmore state offers one-of-a-kind charm and sceneries that will adorn your wedding day with a unique flair. From lakes to open prairies, from farmlands to mountain peaks and scenic parks, there is something to complete every couple’s vision.

That being said, there are a plethora of venue styles to tailor your special day. Rustic modern barn aesthetic, classic halls, small rural churches, and romantic gardens are just some of the ways you can create a truly memorable experience. Not a clue where to tie the knot? Worry not! As experienced wedding videographers that have captured so many love stories in South Dakota, in this blog, we are listing 9 incredible towns to inspire you when choosing a location!

Brookings, SD

Founded at the end of the 19th century, this town is nestled on the route of the railroad. Today Brookings is mainly dependent on agriculture, offering a perfect blend of the historical, rustic, and contemporary. As the fourth largest city in South Dakota, it has many attractions and entertainment options. Some of the more notable venues to consider are the Ben Franklin Event Hall, a historic industrial ballroom; the Swiftel Center, an elegant ballroom; the McCrory Gardens, and the Oakwood Lakes State Park that offers breathtaking scenery for cinematic wedding videography.

Watertown, SD

Dating from the end of the 19th century as well, this town has gained its name because of the same city Watertown in NY, despite having so many rivers and lakes in the area. The nature is absolutely breathtaking with so many parks nearby like the Pelican Lake Recreation Area which serves to be a great amenity for guests. Some of the venues to inspire you are the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, which has glacial lakes nearby; the Ramkota Hotel with spacious elegant ballroom; the Goss Opera House for opulence and exquisite refinement; the Joy Ranch for prairie ambiance with modern amenities; and the Country Road Barn for an authentic rustic experience.

Aberdeen, SD

Nestled in the James River valley in northeastern South Dakota, it was founded as a junction of several railroads. As the third most populated town in the state, it has a plethora of entertainment for any couple. From prairie museums to old churches, and from historic style to fun theme parks, there are many places for your guests to explore. Looking for venues? As wedding videographers who have filmed many nuptials here, we would recommend 2 notable ones - the Dakota Event Center that offers many possibilities to tailor your iconic day according to your preferences; and the Best Ramkota Hotel which has wonderful entertainment amenities for your guests.

Huron, SD

Another town that was born out of the rail service! It is known for the fact that it hosts South Dakota’s State Fair but also for the natural beauty nearby. A notable feature is a statue that is known as the world’s largest pheasant - an attraction that visitors love. Because the surrounding is picturesque, today we are listing a special venue that is just 20 miles from Huron and has the most incredible scenery for wedding videography - Gross Hill Barn. It is situated on Lake Bryon and has amazing sunsets that can serve as your backdrop! It was built in 1918 and nowadays leaves all visitors in awe with its authentic charm.

Mitchell, SD

Have you ever heard that there is a Corn Palace? Well, there is and it is one-of-a-kind in the world, situated in Mitchell. Some recall it is the best thing to visit when in the area, with murals made out of corn, approximately a century ago! Mitchell also has amazing venues that we as wedding videographers love! The Highland Conference Center with its grand ballroom; and the Granite Springs Lodge for nature galore with rustic charm; are just some of the places to weave your dream day!

Yankton, SD

Impressively enough, Yankton was the first capital of both Dakotas, Wyoming, and Montana! It is a historic town that advanced as a transportation center. Here, the first drive-in movie theater in the whole of Dakota was born, as well as the first high school and college. Besides being the first in many aspects, this town is a sight for sore eyes because of the unique area and stunning historical allure - which we as wedding videographers love. There are many amazing venues, but what we would recommend is the Old Mill Event Center, historic industrial space with a rustic charm; the Old Brewery which is of a similar aesthetic; and the Riverfront Event Center with an old-world charm.

Chamberlain, SD

Named after the railroad director, this wonderful town was established by the European Americans. Previously, it was a community for the Native Americans and its old name is Lakota. Also situated on the riverside, you won’t be short of awe-inspiring scenery for your wedding videography. We would definitely recommend the Cedar Shore Resort with contemporary meets modern aesthetic; and the Thunderstick Lodge which has that authentic wooden interior that is hard to resist!

Mobridge, SD

Mobridge is a little river-side location that is truly a hidden gem. It was named after the construction of a bridge at the beginning of the 20th century. We find this place to be amazing for intimate weddings with a ceremony in any of the old churches and a reception celebration in some of the restaurants.

Pierre, SD

Another town that was settled because of the railways, Pierre nowadays is a popular spot for fishing! Some attractions your guests can visit here are the South Dakota Discovery Center and Aquarium and the National Guard Museum. Amazing venues here that you can plan your wedding at are the RedRossa Italian Grille, a fairytale aesthetic to complete your special day; the Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center surrounded by landscaped gardens; and the AmericInn Lodge & Suites Fort Pierre with a beautiful relaxing pool.

Got any questions about curating a wedding in your area or about our wedding videographer services and packages? Feel free to reach out to us. We will be honored to help you realize your dream event!

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